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Affordable Funeral Cover

Death is inevitable. It may not be a thought that crosses your mind often, but what do you hope for when you have to consider your funeral. Surely you are hoping that your funeral will not cause your family any financial hardship and that they will also have the dignified funerals they deserve.

The Final Dignity Assurance Plan from Vanguard Life Assurance Company Limited has an optional savings element provides immediate payment of selected benefits to the policyholder or designated beneficiary in the event of death of any life assured to cover the funeral expenses of lives assured.

You can plan ahead for a dignified funeral and provide your family with peace of mind. Start with what you hope for by planning and saving today. With this plan, you'll be paid out in a lump sum within 72 hours for valid claims on receipt of all required claims documents.Most importantly, it's affordable funeral insurance.

The Final Dignity Assurance Plan provides life insurance cover on the life of the policyholder and secondary lives and pays the selected benefit in the eventuality of death.

The policy provides you the following as the main benefits as long as the policy is a

Waiver Of Premium Benefits

Premium payment is waived at your sixtieth(60th) birthday if your age of entry is fifty-four(54) or less. The policy however continues for life and pays benefit on all lives assured. If your age of entry is fifty-five (55) and above, you shall pay premium for 10years and enjoy cover for life.

If the principal life assured dies after the waiting period at a time this policy is active, Vanguard Life shall assumed future premium payments and honor Funeral and first anniversary benefit (applicable) on all the secondary lives. Automatic benefit update shall however cease.

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