Tuesday, April 14, 2020


When we lose our dear ones, we naturally grieve. But our grief can be compounded with anxiety when we face the grim reality of lack of funds to organize a befitting funeral for them.
The ready solution lies with the FINAL JOURNEY PLAN

What is the Final Journey Plan?
It is a systematic plan to provide ready funds for the funeral of the policyholder as well as the funeral(s) of his/her family member(s). Under the individual option, if you are aged 18-64 you can buy the policy to provide funds solely for your own funeral. Under the family option, if you are married or have a family, the policy will provide funeral benefits for
• Yourself
• Your spouse
• Any two (2) children (aged 2-17) at a standard basic premium.
• Parents, parents-in-law (aged 75 maximum) and any additional children can be insured at an extra premium.

How much benefit is available?
The amount of benefit must be reasonably adequate to meet the particular funeral cost(s) envisaged. Applicants for large amounts of benefits will be subjected to medical examination.

Are there limitations on the benefit?
Yes. Your spouse, parent(s) and/or parent(s)-in-law will be covered for 50% of your benefit amount, while your children will be covered for 25% of your benefit amount.

Can the benefit be increased?
Yes. You can increase your benefit amount(s) every five (5) years (by an agreed factor) without medical evidence. When the benefit is increased, the premium will be proportionately increased.

How much premium is payable?
The premium amount will be determined by:
• Age(s) of person(s) insured;
• Number of persons covered;
• Amount of benefit(s) payable

How long are premiums payable?
If you are aged between 18-58 you will cease premium payments at age 60,
But if you are between ages 59-64 you will pay a one-time (or single) premium.
You may choose the number of years from between 5-15 years for which you would like to pay premium(s) for your parent(s) or parent(s)-in-law in which case the premiums will cease at the end of the chosen period.

How soon are benefits payable?
Generally, a waiting period of six (6) months for natural death is introduced. After the waiting period, when any individual covered under the policy dies, the applicable benefit will be paid within 48 hours upon receipt of all relevant documents, including;
• Completed Claim Form
• Valid Death Certificate or certified true copy thereof
• Genuine Burial Permit
• Any other evidence acceptable to the company

To whom are the benefits payable?
You will receive the applicable benefit when any of the individuals covered under your policy dies. In the case of your own benefit it will be payable to an Executor whom you will be required to nominate at the inception of the policy. You can change the Executor at any time.
If the Executor pre-deceases you and there is no notification of a replacement, the relevant benefit will be payable to the Administrator of your estate.

Is the final journey plan available to Organizations and Groups/Associations?
Yes. Appropriate cover can be arranged for employees of organizations (and their dependants) for benefit levels determined by;
• Salary
• Grade
• Members of informal groups and associations may also be covered for flat amount of benefits.

Where can you buy the final journey plan?
The Final Journey Plan can be bought from authorized Agents of the Company or at any of the offices of the Company.

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